The Light in the Ward by Lucilla Andrews. Young nurse Cathy Newenden encounters hope and heartache on the wards of a s hospital. But will she find. One Night in London: a hospital in wartime (The Jason Trilogy Book 1) Jun 30, by Lucilla Andrews ยท Kindle Edition. $$ Available for download. No Time For Romance. Lucilla Andrews. Lucilla Andrews was only eighteen when, as a volunteer nurse at the beginning of the second world war, she.

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Lucilla Andrews

Her graphic account of the brutal realities of nursing in St Thomas’s hospital, London, during the Blitz has since been described as “recommended companion reading” for the McEwan novel.

Andrews learned of the link between the two books because of an academic thesis written by Natasha Alden, a student at St Hilda’s College, Oxford, who drew the attention of Andrews to her status as a significant andreews source for the Booker-shortlisted novel.

Lucilla Andrews, who also wrote under the names of Diana Gordon and Joanna Marcus, was a founder member of the Romantic Novelists Association which honoured her shortly before her death with a lifetime achievement award.

Her first novel was published in and her last in She is regarded by today’s contemporary authors of romantic fiction as having set a standard, and many of her books now sell for hundreds of pounds in the second-hand trade.

She had always wanted to write, but was obliged to do so in tragic circumstances in order to support her only child, Veronica.

She had married Dr James Crichton inbut on the first week of their honeymoon discovered “with a distress beyond description” that her new andrdws “suffered from a condition my training and every professional instinct insisted must be fatal”. She never spoke or wrote of the specific problem, but the reality was that Crichton had become addicted to drugs available to him as a medical practitioner.

She had torn up and burnt her first novel on the night before her wedding – “it was dull pompous rubbish and I knew it” – but she was determined to establish herself as a writer to support her daughter through school so as to ensure Veronica acquired the first-class education that she herself had lacked.


Inshe sold her first short story to Good Housekeeping, and the fee of 25 guineas, equivalent to a month’s work as a staff nurse, enabled her to give up nursing and concentrate on writing. The first version of The Print Petticoat, based on her experiences as a wartime nurse, had been rejected by six publishers, one of whom suggested that it was too harrowing a reminder of the grim years of the second world war.

She rewrote the book with a lighter touch and introduced a andrrews love affair, lucklla it was published in It was the year her husband died.

Andrews was born in Suez, the third of four children of William Henry Andrews and Lucilla Quero-Bejar, the second having died in infancy. Her father was employed by the Eastern Telegraph Company later Cable and Wirelessand he worked on African and Mediterranean stations until luci,la retired in He met her mother at a ball at Government House, Gibraltar, where they were married in She was the daughter of a Spanish doctor and descended from the Spanish nobility; one of her ancestors was the patron of Cervantes.

At the age of three, Lucilla was sent ljcilla join her older sister at boarding school in Sussex.

Lucilla Andrews Book List – FictionDB

She writes wistfully about the separation within her family, but accepted it with the strong-minded practicality that she demonstrated throughout her life.

She worked as a military nurse from toandrewz the British Red Cross on the outbreak of the second world war and was trained as a Nightingale nurse at St Thomas’s hospital.

She wrote vividly about nursing the injured from the Battle of Britain, delivering babies while bombs fell and was able to evoke such enthusiasm for nursing in her books that in later years she anddews received letters from readers who professed to have taken up the profession because of the influence of her writing.

When her nurses home was hit lucilal a V2 bomb inshe grabbed two things from her room: One of her patients was Chaim Weizmann, the founder and future first president of Israel, who was recovering from ophthalmic surgery in She records how she asked him: How does it feel?


Natasha Alden coincidentally delivered the thesis for her DPhil on second generation fiction about world wars within days of Andrews’ death. She described part three of Atonement as closely based on No Time for Romance and luilla experiences of McEwan’s character Briony as very closely drawn on what happens to Andrews.

She emphasised that she was not suggesting that McEwan had plagiarised the Andrews autobiography as he had accorded it credit in his afterword, but she suggested it should be seen oucilla a considerable tribute to the quality of Andrews’ writing.

When Andrews learned of the link between the two books, she observed wryly that her view of the matter was similar to that of Rhett Butler in Gone With The Wind. Lucilla Andrews was strong-minded, considerate, kind and great fun. She made friends wherever she lived – she decided to move to Edinburgh in She was fond of both whisky and cigarettes having anderws encouraged to take up smoking by her doctor husband and lufilla famed for her elegance and enthusiasm for hats.

Lucilla Andrews: Books, Comics & Magazines | eBay

Her greatest pride lay in the success of her daughter, Veronica, who read history at Newnham College, Cambridge, and became a journalist and Labour Party communications adviser.

Her greatest sadness was her daughter’s death from cancer in Lucilla Andrews, who has died from lung cancer aged 86, published 35 novels, an autobiographical memoir and an academic biography of a Roman Catholic theologian in the course of a prolific and highly successful career. She was probably the best known exponent of romantic “hospital fiction” and her personal experiences of war-time nursing provided the backcloth for the hospital scenes in Ian McEwan’s novel Atonement.

It was only last year that Andrews learned, with considerable amusement, that McEwan had expressed his indebtedness to her biographical memoir, Andrees Time for Romancein his acknowledgments in Atonement She is survived by her younger brother, John, and his five children.