The antihero of Sebastian Faulks’s new novel is a pub-crawling, aesthetically The narrator, Mike Engleby, begins his long apologia with an. Narrated in the first person by the main character, Mike Engleby, Faulks’s seventh novel is modern, demotic and funny – albeit in a deep shade of black. It’s hard. Engleby has ratings and reviews. Jeff said: Bestselling British author Sebastian Faulks reinvents the unreliable narrator with his singular, haunting.

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The “light vs darkness” metaphor is, perhaps, less appropriate as Engleby is a diabolical, luciferan character.

So I had a vague idea of what to expect with this one ish. Usually when I finish a book I am very clear of my opinion on it but this was a rare exception. The essential gift book for any pet lover – real-life tales of devoted dogs, rebellious cats and other unforgettable four-legged friends.

Published September 4th by Doubleday first published Engleby’s reflections are cast in a wonderfully precise and luminous prose.

As the story moves forward toand the puzzling truths flower into multiple layers of self-deception, self-loathing, and self-analysis; Faulks delivers an Atonement worthy shift in narrative perspective that elicits a kind of self-reflexive interrogation of readerly desires. View all 4 comments.

His memory, photographic and encyclopaedic one moment, hopelessly amnesiac the next, is enough to send anyone bonkers.

His prose has that flat, stilted quality familiar to the modern reader as a sign of moral vacuity, but does he have to be so enhleby with it? He politely goes along with people around him, while privately holding them in contempt.

Engleby by Sebastian Faulks

It’s impossible to describe the merits of this novel. Mike Engleby’s life story emerges gradually from the s when he was an abused student to the s when he is a successful journalist. At the same time he is gripped by nostalgia for a notional past of fzulks Englishness. The novel becomes darker when a college friend of Engleby’s goes missing.

He and his family live in London. He drove to a remote location and, when she offered to do anything to be let go, he killed her. The exhilaration from reading this book is due to Sebastian Faulks’ sebastiqn to match the tonality and rhythm of his prose exactly to the complexity of his lead character and the carefully unfolding, layered plot.


One is looking into a very dark soul so it cannot be less than bleak. Sharp in its telling, sharp in it’s delivery, sharp in its prose.

In essence it is ridiculously simple. Then, to my surprise, Engleby was referenced and discussed specifically at this September evening at Daunts Books. Thursday 27 December As a mystery it represents a classic page-turner.

The inside of an outsider’s mind

View all 3 comments. Years later, Jennifer’s body is unearthed and Mike is called in for questioning. But is he bonkers? His prose, freed from the shackles of a troubled mind, starts to shine too.

Too awful to finish: The premise was intriguing, but I didn’t really like the book from the first chapter. It’s quite difficult to describe the whole plot without giving it all away. The trouble is that this story only requires a few hundred words yet somehow Faulks manages to stretch it out for an entire novel. He stalks her by following her into lectures and attending her societies.

Yep, we still don’t quite know what if anything he had to do with the mysterious disappearance of some girl in college he barely knew, and that he can barely recall anymore why he liked in the first place. This book can be convincingly read as a murder mystery, a complex psychological portrait and a dark metaphysical fable.

Still, I’m likely to remember this one for awhile. The crouched ape unbends. A collection of the best contributions and reports from the Telegraph focussing on the key events, decisions and moments in Churchill’s life. Mike is a suspect, but no body is found and the case grows cold.

He begins to steal, at first to pay for letters to his sister, but he soon escalates to frequent theft and begins to buy cigarettes to sell on to other pupils. Of course, if you’re a “nice person” and a real “team player,” you’re not going to get it. He is never released but eventually attains a sense of peace, teaching many of the other patients various basic skills. I was quite captured by this character’s voice and perspective.


Even when he’s quoting someone, or quoting from Jennifer’s diary, can we really be sure that it’s the truth? I was filled with compassion and confusion and awe and distress by the end of this book. He assumes the name Michele Watt as the left-wing paper he writes for is seeking to have more female writers.

A past and present that don’t add up

It was a double delight for me. I recognized a few of the bands, but if there was any symbolism contained in the quoted lyrics, it was entirely lost on me. After a engkeby he changes englebh assumed name to Michael Watson, as he claims he no longer needs to pretend to be a woman and it was convenient for him to keep a similar name.

What saves the book from utter tedium are some clever logistical juxtaposing perspectives and linguistic Engleby is quite a clever weirdo with occasionally entertaining musings tricks, wngleby for the most part this portrait of a psychopath as a young and otherwise man really didn’t work for me. It was a intriguing, moody read that I found enjoyable despite its dark tone.

Mike Engleby is englby chilling and unforgettable character, and Engleby is a novel that will surprise and beguile Sebastian Faulks’ readership. If that wasn’t compelling enough for me, the story moves on to London in the eighties, not only the same era I lived in London but also the same part of London I lived in.

His inability to relate to others and his undependable memory able to recall countless lines of text yet sometimes incapable of summoning up his own experiences from mere days before lead the reader down an sebastina and often darkly humorous path where one is never completely comfortable or confident about what is true.