The HB Pulse Oximeter provides a simple universal tool for patient monitoring – from spot checks to continuous monitoring. All monitoring data can be. The Edan HB Pulse Oximeter includes a choice of Reusable Edan SpO2 Sensor (recommended standard: Adult), four (4) AA Size Batteries (# ). Product Description. The HB employs EDAN SpO2 technology. Its pocket- size design makes it extremely suitable for spot-checks and EMS use. Compact & .

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Audible and visible alarm capability adjustable. NOTE2 These guidelines may not apply in all situations. Backlight control and automatic power-off function for power saving. HB Pulse Oximeter User Manual Wavelength The sensor contains LEDs that emit red light at a wavelength of approximately nm and infrared light at a wavelength of approximately nm.

If so, do not bid on this item unless you are an authorized purchaser.

Edan HB Handheld Pulse Oximeter with Fingertip Sensor – MedWest Medical Supplies

Correcting eda can improve arterial oxygen content. It is reminded that the product shall be used strictly complying with this manual.

Page 16 Civic Office, or the shop where you purchased the product. Table of Contents 1 Safety Information Physiological alarms Physiological alarms, also called patient status alarms, are triggered by a monitored parameter value that violates setup alarm limits or an abnormal patient condition.


High level alarms Indicate that the patient is in a life threatening situation and an emergency treatment is demanded.

If you have oimeter question about maintenance, technical specifications or malfunctions of devices, contact your local distributor. An extension cable can be used between the oximeter and the SpO sensor.

Edan H100B Handheld Pulse Oximeter with Fingertip Sensor

If the value of SpO2 Lo Alarm is set to less than 85, it will restore to 85 after the oximeter is turned on again. Choose this item by pressing the Function button, a efan box pops up as follows EDAN will not provide a substitute product for use when the defective product is being repaired. Got it, continue to print.

Pulse oximetry works by applying oximetsr sensor to a pulsating arteriolar vascular bed, such as a finger or a toe.

Pulse-tone modulation Pitch Tone.

Disinfecting Clean the pulse oximeter before disinfecting it. Don’t show me this message again. Make sure the alarm system in menu is ON. If there is an error during the POST, the following error codes will display on the screen H100n operating time of a battery reflects its performance directly. HB Pulse Oximeter User Manual mode are set to 95 and 90 respectively; while they are and 90 in Adu mode respectively.


In measurement state, if there is no measurement data and no operation for 10 minutes, the oximeter will eean off automatically. Terms Used in this Manual This guide is designed to give key concepts on safety precautions. Page 4 EDAN may define as user serviceable.

Only the battery of mAh capacity meets the UL requirements. The icons for sensor unconnected, sensor off or weak signal are displayed on the right of Information area.

Civic Office, or the shop where you purchased the product.

EDAN holds the rights to modify, update, and ultimately explain this manual. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Figure Confirm to Cover Data 3.

Display numeric and Waveform of SpO 2 simultaneously. Green indicates that the charging is complete. HB Pulse Oximeter readings and pulse signals can be affected by certain ambient environmental conditions, sensor application error, and certain patient conditions.

Food ooximeter Drug Ocimeter and state and local regulatory agencies. Do not spray, pour, spill liquid to the oximeter