: Posthuman Studios Eclipse Phase Gatecrashing Game (4 Player): Rob Boyle, Brian Cross, Jason Hardy, David Hill, Ken Horner, Evan Jamieson. I’ve been reading through Rimward the last few days and just love the idea of a [ Sliders]() style adventure. Here is the thread for this (potential) gatecrashing game. Before I get to work on a 16, and everything, I’d like to discuss everyone’s preferences.

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A plot is hatched to extract the intel from the Ultimates. Gatecrashing I mostly ask to know vatecrashing prepared we’ll need to be for gatecrashing.

Evlipse an EP’s wiki. Originally Posted by Pohtyatoh. Otherwise I’ll go with an Infiltrator-sort. The team is able to farcast eclipae the ship but must deal with the war machines before they can enter Alpha Plus. Trivia About Eclipse Phase Gat Also love the joke about krypton in the book which is kind of funny. The way that Chronos uses his psychic powers in the first scene the PCs meet with him gives the game away; it’s not possible to break into people’s networks that quickly and easily, and since “regular” psychic powers don’t work that way, it’s a clear sign that he’s an Exsurgent; savvy PCs will immediately open fire, before purging any data he sent them on the presumption that it’s a vector of Exsurgent infection.

Bit rough on these at the moment. Also, fine with R. Last edited by Engine; at Idea needs more flushing out though, before I can say for certain. The Tongs were partnered with a corporation as well as Kristol.


Duality: An Eclipse Phase Gatecrashing and Rimward campaign | RPPR Actual Play

A daring raid in the depths of the Jovian city, where a small number of Firewall agents will stand against dozens of exhuman terrorists. Disturbed Child, Argonaut, Explorer, in a critter morph that is basically a female catfolk or two other concepts that are basically that concept split into two: The gatecrashers have recovered from their investigation on Titan and have proceeded to the space libertarian paradise known as Extropia.

Extropia descends into chaos as a power AI hacks the security bots of the station. If you like science fiction settings, I can’t imagine a better book to read–this is a smorgasbord of fascinating and original ideas.

The team tries to catch Kristol before he escapes. Riverstar rated it it was amazing Nov 19, The team arrives on Ceres and helps the gangsters gatexrashing order to earn their trust.

If some basic survival equipment would be provided by whoever is funding the group for example. Want to Read saving….

Everything from alien life to environments to grander existential ideas of the extrasolar universe is covered and illustrated with fiction, dialogues, and story hook ideas.

Lists with This Book. gaterashing

Eclipse Phase Gatecrashing by Rob Boyle

The end of the road for the gatecrashers. Loren Kristol provided technical data to a cell of exhuman terrorists. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. How can they escape the clutches of the hypercorps that put them there?


Eclipse Phase Gatecrashing

Once on Titan, the team looks into the gang and finds leads connected to the extremes of Titanian society. To ask other readers questions about Eclipse Phase Gatecrashingplease sign up. Always love a good EP AP. Originally Posted by Hemnon.

Because, when you already have all the money in the galaxy, why not get your own exoplanet? I do know I want to make use of the Power Armor from the gatecrasher book, so whatever I make will likely feature that to some degree.

A Jovian military refueling station becomes a warzone between Firewall and the exhumans. Each is relatively short, but still packed with ideas that can be used any number of places.

Ark – A Gatecrashing campaign

We are like the first-world explores. Will we be an established group, or are we being called together?

They’ll know they are different, or they are at least an async with no knowledge of where they contracted the Wats-Macleod virus. Jeff rated it really liked it Aug 13, The truth is revealed and Firewall will never be the same.

I read the adventure, and I.

So far it’s just been two. Once Firewall learns of the imminent attack, they send a separate team of sentinels in to stop the exhumans.