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Seneca sets his views apart from mere knowledge-acquisition or philosophy for the sake of itself, by explicitly saying the end is about putting into practice decisions that make for a happy life. It’s amazing to see the the deep taproots of this idea stretch all the way from to AD 50 and probably before.

In them he instructed a younger friend on the proper stoical attitude toward life. Even though many of these problems do have practical ramifications, many do not; and regardless, the debates can often get so technical, so heated, and so abstract, that it is difficult to see modern philosophy as the path to wisdom it once professed to be.

Seneca Carta a Luci­lio CVII

On doing more than consuming: Furthermore, he is more lucid and elaborate in explaining his thought processes than both. Though Seneca is often believed or questioned to be not much of a stoic himself, these letters help us know how he might have lived his life stoic way. It was so enjoyable that I found myself held and drawn on until I ended up having read it right through to the end without a break. For example, he says, stay on one subject; if you fly from topic to topic, it’s harder for your mind to work a Okay, I’m not good at reading something like this cover to cover — it’s thought-provoking but it takes me a while to just think over each letter.

He did not present himself as a great philosopher to Lucilius, to whom Letters from a Stoic is addressed. Lucius Piso was drunk from the very moment of his appointment as Warden of the City of Rome. Whoever expects punishment, receives it, but whoever deserves it, expects it.

Some notable cross references that this book stirred for me. Fabulous writing, I think I blushed unbeckoned during the blushing scene, and stop trying to get us all to give up oysters, they are both erotic and have the potential to profit a pearl or two.


Assume authority over yourself and utter something that may be handed down to posterity. One of the most profound books I’ve read. Redeemer of humanity, slaughterer of comfortable existences; it can either save or destroy a man, but it can hardly leave him untouched.

But, whatever the case, Seneca was open to other philosophical influences besides just the Stoical, and Epicurus is a notable secondary, if not a primary, influence. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. He also advises his friend on practices One of the most profound books I’ve read. His primary motive, however, was to win everlasting fame for himself the Romans tended to be obsessed with fame—their notion of immortality.

Like Marcus Aurelius, a prominent statesman in troubled times, Seneca is very concerned with how to be happy in spite of circumstances. I copied out so many passages. Where you arrive does not matter so much as what sort of person you are when you arrive there. I will probably read it many times over to let all the wisdom sink in, but this same information could be easily condensed into another book with fewer words, and better editing to appeal to modern day readers.

Why does no one admit his failings? We’ve been using them not because we needed them but because we had them. Last thing, the cash value for me in this has been in allowing in Seneca’s ideas about how to cope with the death of loved ones.

The duties Stoicism glorified — courage, self-control, simple habits, rationality and obedience to the State — corresponded closely to traditional Roman values, and Stoicism was the most influential philosophy in the Roman world for a long time. Published by Ariel first published Perhaps leave is laying on the coffee table and read a page or two a day with a high lighter.

This is actually a rather useful and insightful book, which I did not expect from the sort caftas mysticism image i had of stoicism. Anyone who wishes to be happy. With the lack of important letters and headers for each letter the reader does not ,ucilio the full effect of Seneca. His ideas on God are also often sublime. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you weneca to read.


Cartas a Lucilio by Seneca

His thoughts on slaves and slavery were years of head of their time, maybe hundreds of years. Whatever is true is my property. May I please know what letters is the selection in this book comprised of? In this way, one can learn that life without riches is actually tolerable, and actually prepare to lose all their riches at once and still retain their happiness. Show me a man who isn’t a slave; one who is a slave to sex, another to money, another to ambition; all are slaves to hope or fear.

Again, the way Seneca died or to be precise, the way he invited his death was something, I think, questionable or disputable. Whether Seneca lacked the courage of his own convictions, or was unable to practice what he preached, is at least in doubt.

After running over a lot of different thoughts, pick out one to be digested throughout the day. Other than these intriguing beliefs, what stayed with me was a paragraph about losing someone and how someone is replaceable not because the replacement would be the same as what we have lost but because we are forever changing. View all 19 comments. Seneca has the potential to change your entire perspective on various topics, but also on life itself.

Take your time with this book. Each man has a character of his own choosing; it is chance or fate that decides his choice of job. He therefore proposes a humanised version of Stoicism, more tolerant of the natural feelings senneca love and friendship that Stoics would try to repress. He can touch your spirit. I found myself in agreement with many of senwca ideals though to a lesser degree than I did with Marcus Aurelius.

He is by turns intimate, friendly, self-deprecating, nagging, mundane, and profound. Oddly, these letters read a lot like newspaper columns or blog entries.