Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking with Riboflavin (also abbreviated as C3R) is a non-invasive corneal treatment shown to slow the progression of keratoconus. What is the treatment for Keratoconus? 1. Use of Contact Lenses (Corneal Collagen Crossling Procedure) . (Information & Appointments for C3R). Fax: Strengthens the cornea with less evasive procedures– The solution will I have done a c3r procedure in my left eye and after c3r my number is.

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First post C3R follow up the next day of procedure and the next one after Day 4.

You procedute to be in Mumbai for these days days post C3R. Next follow up check after 3 months during which we check the Topography maps ;rocedure well. This can be done in your own city. Otherwise, this will keep changing over next 6- 8 months.

So some pull on till then. You need to check the topography maps every 6 months till the time they are stable, which means no more change will happen.

Instrastromal corneal rings or Intacs surgery is a procedure in which small plastic polymer ringlets are inserted into the eyes in order to flatten the cone-shaped cornea or keratoconus. In order to implant the Intacs, the surgeon bores into the collagen-filled center of the cornea, creates an incision carefully avoiding nerves, implants the ringlets within the corneal layering and closes the incision.

Intacs, work by holding the cornea in place like a splint and once the implants are removed, the patient will return to pre-surgical conditions.

The two most common complications of Intacs implant surgery are eye irritation and abnormal blood vessel growth. C3R is a more permanent procedure. Secondly, once the C3R is done, we look at the refractive error 3 months to 6 months after the treatment and see if there is any aid to improve vision. This decision as to what is best suited from the above choices for your eyes can only be taken after we have procwdure you 3 to 6 months after the C3R is done.

We need to evaluate you 3 — 6 months after C3R is done. Also, this depends on the level pprocedure vision after the keratoconus stabilizes, that is the vision once stable that you should expect. Your visual expectation can be defined when you visit us. We have been able to reduce dependency or eliminate glasses with implantable contact lenses once the cornea shape stabilizes and the numbers do not change further.

This is a treatment on the surface of your eye f3r to treat your powers or spectacle numbers as well as treat the keratocconus. C3R is not going to help any spectacle correction, but only stabilize the progression of the abnormality viz. In some cases, who have the possibility you will know when Dr Anand Shroff, our corneal and refractive surgeon examines youthey are offered a dual treatment, one to correct their keratoconus, other to improve vision if possibile — PRK.

You may expect to be unable to function on the PC at all for about days and then in the first week, work with short intervals, but are able to work for long hours. You can safely resume work on Day 5. Some even join earlier depending on their comfort level.

Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking (C3R) with Riboflavin

This is usually blurred on the first 2 days, however improves thereafter, such pfocedure most routine work can be done on Day 3. Specficially we say no driving for 7 days.

This is very subjective, depending procedrue the threshold of tolerance of procexure person. We also help you with painkillers and eye drops to tide over this period. This depends from person to person. We have had people recover well and back to their office and computer usage after the first week, some take little longer.


Using your old glasses, one can sit comfortably for short durations after days but as days pass, it gets more comfortable for you. You may have to start with shorter durations of compuetr related activity, but with frequent reaks, this is manageable. None have had any complications. Yes, they were all prepared for some days of discomfort as informed. The visual acuity improvement is gradual, even taking upto 6 months or longer.

This improvement is not dramatic as in LASIK or laser eye surgery, because the aim is not to improve visual acuity but to prevent proecdure deterioration. Our earliest cases have been done in Aprilhence it is still to early to comment on any significant data.

However, all patients have shown arrest and no progress in the condition and some of our patients have had upto 2 lines of improvement in visual acuity. Prlcedure have shown actual improvement on their topography maps.

C3R/ CXL Crosslinking – Shroffeye

We need to do one eye at a time. As some are symptomatic for about a week, we prefer c3d do the second eye when one is comfortable with the first treatment.

This can be spaced between days apart. If they are from out of Mumbai, then one plans accordingly. The days to stay away from work are the first days post procedure as the bandage lens is removed on Day 4 and it may take upto another 2 days to be symptom free.

We see from the brain. If one eye is weak, then with both eyes open we are seeing from the dominant eye as the brain learns to suppress the image of the weaker eye.

When one shuts the good eye, it is only then that one can make out the huge difference in the weak eye. It is more the abnormality existing in one or both eyes. If today there is no abnormality or keratoconus in the right eye, it may stay that way, or it may show early signs and progress to become worse like the left one.

A good eye examination with sensitive equipment like the Pentacam — Topolyzer we use helps diagnose even early stages of this disease to help keep it under control and not allow it to worsen.

This depends on the stage of keratoconus one has, not symptoms as these are often misleading. One does need to be aware of any deterioration in vision.

Since this treatment has produced remarkable results, one does not want to lose the opportunity of missing it. If however, keratoconus is in early stages, the patients not keen on any surgery, then pdocedure needs to be very vigilant in his follow ups with the doctor and can wait if the doctor allows it.

Yes, however, this may be coincidental that he may be having an eye allergy at present. However, no eye drops treat the keratoconus. There will be no change in position of the eye.

Till date we have been doing this treatment since last year we have had no failures. Dr Anand Shroff, our corneal expert does the pre procedure check, procedures and post procedure checks himself. Ours is the only eye hospital in india to have recieved the highest award for healthcare from the Joint Commission USA, this makes us stand apart from the rest.

For more details about our Keratoconus Treatment, please click here. We use Riboflavin which coats your cornea through and through its thickness. The UV light is applied to this are and is absorbed in the cornea itself.


Its this combination which actually makes the C3R successful in strengthening the weak crosslinks due to keratoconus. Hence, no harm or damage occurs when this light is applied to the eyes. Again, since this light does not travel into the eye to the retina, the retina is spared from any such incidents. If planned well, you need no more than 5 or 6 days for treatment of one eye or 10 days for both. Usually after 15 days from day of treatment, depending on your comfort level. C3R is a therapeutic procedure and needs to be done in c3e cases of keratoconus.

Systemic conditions like Thyroid, Diabetes, do not interfere with the treatment unless not in procedre. However, best to also inform your physician regarding the same. If in Mumbai, we would be happy to examie as we would have your earlier records cr3 would know your improvement by comparing with earlier Topography maps.

Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking

However, many of our patients are from out of India and do the follow ups with their local ophthalmologist. The initial check up or tests are done prior to the treatment date and these include the following:. This method is preferred by Dr Anand Shroff. The transepithelial approach was only to combat the discomfort that lasts for a day or so, but with the flipside that the C3R procedure effectiveness was reduced, healing was uneven. The accelerated version was introduced to improve patient compliance.

The traditional C3R requires you to be still and on the operating table for at least one and half hour per eye. Both eyes cannot be treated simultaneously, hence patient compliance decreased.

Hence, the accelerated C3R is the more recent and advanced way of treating keratoconus. In Mumbai, cashless insurance for eye care is not available.

However, you will receive all documents necessary for reimbursement. There are some special lenses also available called Rose K Lenses.

After C3R the follow up is as follows: You need to be in Mumbai for these days days post C3R 2. Preferably for better comparison, the maps to be done on same topography machine.

Q What about Intacs for keratoconus? Q After the C3-R treamtent will my vision be perfect and I can avoid the glasses? Q If not is there any other treatment can be done to make the vision perfect.

I just want procedurd get rid of glasses? Q After the treatment d3r long I have to stay in India as I live abroad? Minimum 3 to 4 days after the C3R is done. Q I am working in IT and need to be in front of computer continuously. How long will it take for me to join office from the time of operation? Q How long will the vision be blurred after operation? Q How long will the eye be painful after the anaesthesia effect is over?

Q As an IT professional i have to continuously work in front of a computer so will i be able to work on computers immediately after the treatment that is after the first week after the removal of the bandage lenses?

Q What is your experience with the 50 patients you have already treated in context with safety, side effects? Q How many days should i take out from my schedule for the treatment to be done and for the later checkups in all?